Colors: Live! 2.0 - Finding color names is now easier than ever

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Colors: Live!
Developer: Kevin Yavno
Price: $1.99 Download on the App Store

Independent Developer Kevin Yavno today is proud to announce Colors: Live! 2.0, a major update to the amazing live real time eye dropper utility, which is now available for download on the iOS App Store. Now with over 1200 built-in color names (and more added with each update), you can instantly find the name of any color. But what if the color you are attempting to identify is not built-in? Colors: Live! will happily display the closest possible match! This app is perfect for artists, interior decorators, graphics and web designers, scrapbookers, and anyone who loves color.

Update Highlights:
* Full history and management of previously sampled colors using simple gestures and dedicated menus
* A much requested zooming ability: now you can digitally zoom in to any color
* Automatic palette generator: generates sample Analogous, Complementary, and Monochromatic color palettes based on your sampled colors
* Bring back the instructions at any time
* 200 brand new color names: now over 1200 colors in total

For those new to Colors: Live!, you'll find a live real time color sampling utility. Simply tap anywhere on the screen (or on the sample buttons for iPad) and receive instant color information. Slide the bottom panel up and find identification of color name, Hex, RGB, CMYK, and HSV Values. Swipe your finger to the left to see full history screen and easily access more information, and manage, every previously found color. Perfect for any graphic and web designers! This app is easy to use, with an incredibly intuitive interface and it takes up minimal space on your iOS device.

Colors: Live! 2.0 is only $1.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Photo & Video category.

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