Conceptis Nurikabe: Islands in the Stream Puzzle for iPhone

Conceptis Nurikabe (AppStore Link)
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Conceptis Nurikabe
Developer: Conceptis Ltd.
Price: free Download on the App Store

Conceptis Nurikabe is a new grid-style  puzzle game where players form shapes by "partitioning between clues with walls." Nurikabe are logic puzzles from Japan also known as Islands in the Stream. The app comes with 120 free puzzles that includes simple 6x8 grids for beginners that increase in size to more difficult 16x22 grids for expert players.

Conceptis Nurikabe is an intuitive no-frills app for playing Nurikabe puzzles on iPad and iPhone. Walls are easily built by tapping the squares while 'Highlight wall segments' and 'Show island size counter' features are also included for best puzzle solving experience.

Conceptis Nurikabe is free  with additional puzzles available via in-App Purchase. More Nurikabe puzzle volumes will be published regularly and made available for purchasing in the app library page.

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