Conojo Whiteboard App Earns Acclaim from Users and Press alike

Conojo Whiteboard - Your Interactive Drawing Tool (AppStore Link)
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Conojo Whiteboard - Your Interactive Drawing Tool
Developer: Thomas Sechehaye
Price: $2.99 Download on the App Store

Since its release earlier this year, Conojo Whiteboard - Premium Whiteboard App has done exactly what it promised to do, for thousands upon thousands of customers... it's been the "Ultimate Creation Tool". Viz Mojo Labs, out of Sausalito California, has been receiving mailbags of positive feedback, along with some very bright write-ups from the press regarding their stunningly simple whiteboard solution.

The media attention was expected, although not at such major levels. Of particular note have been feature articles on high-scope sites like LifeHacker, Mactrast, and The AppleGoogle. All these articles tout Conojo Whiteboard's user friendly drawing and drafting tools, multiple line functioning, intuitive structured templates, recording feature, Bluetooth collaboration capabilities, and easy sharing of finished work.

With such high functionality and simplicity of interface, this is a deceptively advanced product. Although one could do a great deal right out of the box, users are encouraged to view the 36 built-in videos in order to fully harness the power of Conojo Whiteboard - Premium Whiteboard App. "We want our users to get the most out of this product, and getting to know it inside and out is the best way to do this", says Thomas Sechehaye, founder and CEO of Viz Mojo Labs.

* Easy to use drawing and drafting tools
* Structured blueprint templates
* Recording and narration features
* Collaboration via Bluetooth with up to five other Conojo users
* Share drawings, maps, and video

Conojo Whiteboard (v1.1.3) is $1.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Productivity category. Promo codes for review purposes are available upon request.

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