Contacts Duster Pro Adds Email, SMS Options to Group Management App

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Contacts Duster Pro - Smart Duplicates Cleaner & Reliable Cloud Sync
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Representatives with MyClickApps LLC announced today that its Contacts Duster Pro app is now fully loaded with new features.

"This new update is fully loaded with new features," said Muhieddine EL Kaissi, president of LLC, the developers of Contacts Duster.

EL Kaissi explained that the company added the ability to quickly email, SMS or call friends. "Just tap on the action button below the contact name in order to connect with your friends," he said.

Contacts Duster Pro was developed to provide users with a simple way to view, merge, and purge multiple entries, such as duplicate names, email addresses, or phone numbers in users' iPhone contacts. The app also has a feature that allows users to manage contacts into groups with a visual pie chart that shows the address book partition.

"Based on our customers' feedback, we enhanced our contacts search engine by adding the ability to search by email addresses," EL Kaissi said, before adding, "Auto Dust users can now easily mark undetected duplicate contacts for dusting."

In response to customers' requests, the company president said, they've added the ability to add new contacts directly from Contacts Duster Pro.

"Users can now quickly connect with friends from the Groups section," EL Kaissi said. "Company name also appears with the contact name in the Groups section. We're extremely excited about all of these new features, but we're even happier that our customers will benefit and receive even more value from this amazing app."

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