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Word Search For Kids (AppStore Link)
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Word Search For Kids
Developer: Internet Design Zone
Price: free Download on the App Store

Internet Design Zone, an iOS application development company, today is pleased to announce the release of Word Search For Kids 1.0, a new fun educational game for iPad/iPhone/iPod touch. Kids (ages 5-12) can easily play the word search puzzle games and learn new words, all by themselves. The app is free to download and try out.

The Word Search game is based on the age-old format of finding words hidden in a grid of letters. Kids have to find the given words from the grid by simply swiping their fingers across, down, diagonally or reverse. The app interface is very kid-friendly and easy to use. This educational game for kids which will keep them engrossed for hours and sharpen their minds at the same time. The app has two different types of gameplay - for small kids (ages 5-8) and for big kids (ages 8-12).

Puzzles for small kids:
Here, every word is spoken aloud and depicted with a picture so that small kids master new words while playing the game. Over 280 words in sections like foodstuff, animals, birds, insects, transport, people, colors, numbers, etc. Thus small children will learn to speak the words, identify them from pictures and spellings, etc. Colorful pictures help to keep a small child's attention intact.

Puzzles for big kids:
Here, pictures and sounds are not there so that big children who already know their words can play faster. The levels and words are tougher. Over 780 words with additional sections including countries, beach, world capitals, musical instruments, farm, trees, Christmas, Halloween, days, months, Sports, etc.

Why Parents will love this game?
- Kids will be busy with something that will enhance their knowledge and sharpen their brains
- Kids will learn new words faster with this game
- The app is easy to use and play. The child can use it all alone

Why will kids love this game?
- Kids love puzzles and they would try to find out every word in whatever way possible
- The game is very simple to play. Just swipe the words with fingers
- Random new puzzles appear whenever the child plays hence the app can be used again and again

- The app is free to download and try out
- Hints are available if someone is not able to find a particular word
- Increasing level of difficulty - easy, medium, hard. Words are spelled even in reverse in the hard level
- Some sections are free. The remaining can be unlocked via a single in-app purchase

Word Search For Kids 1.0 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category.

via PR Mac

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