Count Dracu and Friends Teaches Kids About Embracing Diversity

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Count Dracu and Friends
Developer: Denny Kurien
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Independent developer Popcorn Grenade today announces that it's recently released Count Dracu and Friends 2.0 is capturing the hearts & imaginations of parents and curious children in their early stages of learning from all over the world. Customers who have downloaded the family friendly iPad app are enjoying the interactive and unique educational experience.

Within just a few weeks of initial release, Count Dracu and Friends has received rave reviews from parents, furthering it's mission to teach young children about the importance of diversity and embracing friends of all different sizes, cultures and ethnicities.

"Since it's release, Count Dracu and Friends has received wonderful reviews and tremendous support on the app store from ecstatic parents, who are raving about the app," said Denny Kurien, Creative Director & Co-Founder of Popcorn Grenade.

Within the Count Dracu and Friends colorful environment, children explore Count Dracu's castle and learn about the incredible dynamic friendship between a group of lovable characters that include a Canadian Vampire (Dracu Jr.), a Jewish Frankenstein (Frankie), a Ukrainian Werewolf (Howie), an Egyptian Mummy (Raggy), and a Yeti from India (Yetinder).

"Resoundingly, parents of small children, who have downloaded the app, all agree the app's interactive learning environment is a fun way to teach children about the important message of acceptance of others and how to embrace differences- and that is exactly what Count Dracu does," Kurien concluded.

Feature Highlights:
* Important life lessons in a fun way about what it means to be unique
* Quality animation (Which responds at the touch of a finger)
* Well-designed vibrant and colorful graphics
* Fully interactive features: Characters can play & dance to the piano
* A cast of 10 lovable and diverse characters - each a resident of Count Dracu's castle
* Engaging music and fun sound effects that will keep your child entertained

About Count Dracu and Friends:
Count Dracu and Friends is an interactive learning environment in which youngsters learn the valuable lesson of embracing 'Opposite' characteristics such as height, weight, and other unique qualities that makes each of us wonderful and special.

Count Dracu and Friends 2.0 is only $0.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide through the App Store in the Education category.

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