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Today the update of Crazy Monster Whack 1.1 hits the App Store. We listened to the demands of our fans. The new versions include: achievements, tooltips, improved graphics and gameplay plus several bug fixes.

In Crazy Monster Whack you find one of the funniest Tap Games of the market. Thousands of fans worldwide wanted to tap further so, now Crazy Monster Whack is back and can be found in the Apple App Store for iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini and iPod touch and on the Google Play for Android devices.

There are also paid versions of Crazy Monster Whack. These versions are Ad-Free and come with extra in game coins. Exceptional is the Blood Edition which will include a new graphic setting and different game content.

You like tapping on your phone? Then tap some monsters!!! In Crazy Monster Whack you find one of the funniest Tap Games of the market. It's simple like every 'whack the mole'-game but offers you advanced gameplay by adding a big amount of madness!

Bombs, 100 individual Monsters, an online Highscore System and a big load of excitement will take you to the next generation of good old classic games. Smash some Monsters with your hammer! Don't miss even one! But be aware of devastating bombs which will explode as soon as touched.

The further the game goes, the faster your reactions have to be. Good Luck - And Happy Whacking!

Feature Highlights:
* Highly addictive gameplay
* Achievements
* Helpful Tooltips
* 100 different Monsters with special abilities
* Online scoring system (Game Center supported)
* Hours of fun
* One more game in your 'crazy monster app' collection
* 3D Retina and HD Graphics

About Crazy Monster Apps:
NEONFIVE STUDIO is currently working on a new brand, Crazy Monster Apps. With Crazy Monster Apps we are redesigning the universe of arcade, casual and classic games such as Whack the Mole!, Bowling, Boxing, Brickbreaker and many more. Every app is using the latest cutting edge graphics technology and offers highly addicting gameplay with a big factor of replayability. In each Crazy Monster App you can chose between 100 unique Crazy Monsters to play with.

Crazy Monster Whack 1.1 is free and available worldwide through the App Store in the Games category. Crazy Monster Whack - Blood Edition, Crazy Monster Whack Pro, and Crazy Monster Whack Deluxe are also available.

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