Crossword Maker For Cruciverbalists Upgraded To Support All iOS Devices

Crossword Maker For Cruciverbalists (CMFC) (AppStore Link)
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Crossword Maker For Cruciverbalists (CMFC)
Developer: La Premiere Liaison
Price: $2.99 Download on the App Store

Premiere Liaison released a major update to its new crossword construction software, Crossword Maker For Cruciverbalists 2.0, to make it a universal app to support all iOS devices.

Crossword Maker Cruciverbalists is a fully functional compilation tool which provides many welcomed features to help people build their own crosswords, including an offline database to search answers & clues that published before, a customized keyboard to easily create symmetry pattern, sharing saved puzzles between devices, an embedded browser to quickly browse popular crossword construction websites without task switching, and much more.

Feature Highlights:
1. Constructing Crosswords:
* With pre-defined size: 7x7, 11x17, 15x15, 21x21, 15x11, 21x15; or user defined size
* Scalable and scrollable board
* Offline database for searching answers and clues from published crosswords
* Embedded web browser for quick reference to popular crossword websites without task switching (iPad only)
- One tap access to CRUCIVERB.COM, XWordInfo, and Crossword Tracker
* Single keyboard to design grid and fill letters
- Toggleable 180-degree symmetry of black squares (enabled by default)
* Title, author and copyright information
* Basic statistics
- General information, word length distribution, and letter usage
* Export to PDF (blank or filled), iPUZ, and TXT (openable by Across Lite). And email the exported file
* Import from TXT and PUZ, with standard "Open With..." interface, from email attachments, Dropbox, etc.
* Support Air Print
* Support Retina display

2. Managing Created Puzzles:
* Quick overview of all created crosswords
- Large thumbnail for previewing the crosswords
- View basic information: title, author, copyright, created date, and last saved date
* Set half-finished crosswords as templates, which could be used later when building new puzzles
* Support iCloud: Crosswords stored in iCloud are available on all your devices, and would be kept intact even if your device is broken, lost or stolen

Crossword Maker For Cruciverbalists 2.0 is $4.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Education category.

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