CrowdGames Trivially Brings Custom Contest Fun to the iPad

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CrowdGame Trivially
Developer: Hyperbotic Labs, Inc
Price: free Download on the App Store

CrowdGame today is pleased to announces the release of a new version of Trivially, the real-time, multi-player trivia game where each player can play on their own iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. The latest release of Trivially adds a unique "create your own contest" feature, as an in-app purchase. Players can create custom contests for parties, special events, training sessions, pub quiz night events, etc. Each custom contest can have up to 200 sets of questions and answers, as well as its own name and description, and a difficulty level and icon can be specified also.

This release also introduces the first of a new series of content packs created by third-party experts for Trivially, with two "Learn Mandarin" packs for aspiring students of that language, and "Tommy's Curious Quiz #1", featuring original trivial for "people who know too much", from Seattle pub quiz refugee Tom Williams.

CrowdGame has offered an multi-user trivia game for the iPad since July, 2011. Trivially offers hundreds of built-in questions in the form of included content packs in a variety of topics - sports, science, literature, history, and geography. Hundreds more questions are available for instant in-app purchase, in more than a dozen additional content packs.

Trivially is unique in the Apple App Store... an expandable, customizable, multi-user trivia game. Trivially is a great way to enjoy your Apple TV... AirPlay your game to your big screen for party fun.

Trivially 2.2.1 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category.

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