Cube Dodger HD for iPad Gets a Limited Time 100 Percent Price Drop

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EchoMatrix recently announced a new price drop for its popular game, Cube Dodger HD for the iPad. The addictive dodging game has become available for a wider crowd of App Store users for a very limited time. The simple game allows players to control a yellow SquareShip as they try to evade oncoming colorful cubes at an increasingly rapid rate with the help of pure skill and concentration. Quick thinking is an essential aspect in this action-packed game for all ages.

The objective of Cube Dodger HD is simple: Survive in a space full of cubes for as long as possible. This arcade-styled game is very simple to learn, but very challenging to master. As the score starts to increase, certain blocks will start to fall down at faster rates, whereas some will even slow down in order to trap the ship. More brainpower will be necessary in order to escape from the unlimited amount of cubes heading straight for every player's ship at several speeds. The speed of the ship only gets faster, and that's what keeps players from putting their devices down for a long time.

Main features:
- Addictive and easy-to-learn gameplay
- Smooth graphics
- Energetic, upbeat, and cheerful music and sounds (with music toggle)
- Amazing user interface
- Colorful and high quality app icon
- Online Game Center score community

With amazing sound effects and upbeat music, Cube Dodger HD becomes an extremely entertaining and exhilarating experience. The in-game music matches the agility and momentum of the gameplay itself, providing an impressive collaboration of excitement and satisfaction for any player. Along with Game Center integration, players can also compare high scores with friends. There's always someone in the global leader-boards waiting for a worthy contender to challenge their scores.

Cube Dodger HD is also available to eager mobile gamers as Cube Dodger, optimized primarily for the iPhone and iPod touch.

Cube Dodger HD 1.0 is free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category. Cube Dodger/Cube Dodger HD Gameplay Music is also available worldwide in the iTunes Store.

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