TrueHDR 2.3 Promises Better Control of Customized HDR Effects for iOS Photos

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True HDR
Developer: Pictional LLC
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True to its name the newest release of TrueHDR 2.3, the popular high dynamic range (HDR) photography app from Pictional LLC, lets users to take HDR photos on iPhone 4, 3GS, iPad, and iPod touch 4G. TrueHDR's most recent update also includes sliders and effects that make it easy for users to adjust the look of their merged HDR photos.

TrueHDR is designed to address the issue that cameras can only capture a limited range of brightness in a single photo. In other words, when people take photos of a scene that has a large range from bright to dark, they often have to choose between the bright areas and the dark areas. TrueHDR enables users to take two pictures at different exposures, automatically aligns the pictures, and then takes the best features of each and merges them into one picture that has vivid colors and details in both the shadows and sunny areas.

With TrueHDR 2.3, the app now includes sliders (warmness, contrast, saturation, and brightness) and effects (sepia, retro, retro-II, xpro, monochromatic, redshift, and vignetting) that let users easily customize the look of their merged HDR photos, enabling greater control over the appearance of their final pictures.

TrueHDR Feature highlights:

⇒ Four sliders and seven effect controls - easily make adjustments to the merged HDR photos to get the final image just the way you prefer
⇒ Choice of Natural or Enhanced modes, with Natural for the most realistic look and Enhanced for slightly more vivid colors and contrast - pick the look you like
⇒ Easy, fully-automatic capture with AutoCapture mode
⇒ Greater control over exposure points with SemiAuto capture mode and Manual mode
⇒ Automatically saves original images for use with desktop HDR programs if desired
⇒ Works on iPhone 3GS where the native camera does not offer an HDR option
⇒ Full support for front facing camera in all three modes (AutoCapture, SemiAuto, and Manual), making composing and taking self portraits easier and more fun than ever
⇒ Supports geo-tagging
⇒ Uses state-of-the-art techniques to automatically align and merge photos
⇒ Convenient sharing features (Facebook, Twitter, email)

TrueHDR is one of a highly select group of apps featured by Apple in the "App Store Essentials Hall of Fame", and has been picked as an App Store staff favorite. It has also been featured by MacWorld, TUAW, Mashable, Gizmodo, Wired, and won an honorable mention for the 2009 Best Photography App from "The Best App Ever" contest.

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