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4-in-1 Kids Animal Games (AppStore Link)
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4-in-1 Kids Animal Games
Developer: Simha Studios LLC
Price: free Download on the App Store

Meow!!! Bow Wow!!! Grrr!!!! Oink Oink!!!! Hear Hear!!! Some of the cutest denizens of the animal kingdom are ready to knock at the doorstep of your iOS device.

Simha Studios is proud to launch its animal educational game, 4-in-1 Kids Animal Games 2.7, for the little ones. Play 3 different types of games and learn from 1 book about the food habits of various animals. Learn the spelling of all the animals, the sounds they make and the way they move. The food chain level is a first of its kind in the app store and is about figuring out who eats whom in the animal kingdom. The memory game can be played by anyone and everyone and helps the little ones jog their memory cycles. Tons of cute backgrounds that help kids understand the surrounding that animals live in.

There are over 60 cute animated animals with about 180 levels in all. It is hours of fun and learning for the little ones along with the parents. This is one of those apps where both parents and their little ones can bond together and learn something new everyday. The app can be downloaded for free on iOS.

This is amongst the first apps on the Apple Store to introduce the little ones to the world of food chains. It teaches them all about herbivores, carnivores and their food habits. The 60 animals allow the app to show case different food chains and eating habits of the wild animals.

4-in-1 Kids Animal Games 2.7 also contain the pronunciation of all the animals along with the different sounds they make. This helps the little ones to learn a lot about the animals along with the spelling and sounds of every animal.

4-in-1 Kids Animal Games 2.7 is free and available worldwide through the App Store in the Education category.

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