Cybernate Releases App of High-Flying Fun with Skeleton Flight

Skeleton Flight (AppStore Link)
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Skeleton Flight
Developer: Cybernate PTY LTD
Price: free Download on the App Store

Cybernate today is proud to announce the release of the company's latest app, Skeleton Flight. The new application incorporates the best features of the most popular games for hours of carefree fun.

One of Skeleton Flight's most attractive features is that players can't die - they're already among the undead. As a skeleton that's not the least bit scary, players begin by being blasted from a cannon to experience the thrill of endless flight. It's up to individuals to plot the skeleton's trajectory and course to see how far, fast and accurately he can fly.

Available for the iPhone and iPad at the iTunes Store, players steer their skeleton through multiple stages and difficulty levels. Smooth, one-touch controls allow gamers to dip, dodge and dart to avoid a variety of high-flying impediments that include brightly colored birds, flaming fireballs and lightening-spitting predators.

Players have the opportunity during their flight to collect sparkling gems that can be used to purchase power up objects, including jetpacks, to unlock new stages, purchase costumes, and surpass the high scores of friends and family. Each stage of the app has been hand-crafted for a superior game experience.

Players can sail through extreme environments ranging from the steamy jungles of the tropics to landscapes encased in ice. Gamers can careen through canyons, experience the wonders of outer space, and visit exotic locales that include ancient Egypt.

Skeleton Flight's boney hero has a number of fun and customizable costumes from which to choose, allowing gamers to play as characters that include a mummy, ninja, pirate, snowman, bat or superhero. Those with a longing for the Gangnam-style of upscale fashion will find their wish has been answered.

Built and designed for modern technology, Skeleton Flight harkens back to the days of video games that were extremely user-friendly and offered hours of entertaining fun. Cybernate's newest creation provides players with the best modern technology has to offer, combined with an addictive game that offers hours of classic fun.

Skeleton Flight 1.0 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category.

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