Cyrillian announces QED Solver for iPhone - A Math Solver Application

QED Solver for iPhone (AppStore Link)
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QED Solver for iPhone
Developer: Cyrillian, Inc.
Price: $2.99 Download on the App Store

Cyrillian is proud to announce QED Solver for iPhone, a powerful new mathematical computing application for science and engineering problems, as well as general math problems. QED Solver is the perfect companion for students and professionals alike.

"Solving math problems has never been easier", said Illya Busigin of Cyrillian. "Just enter your problem in natural language and tap solve. You don't need to arrange your equations in any particular order, QED Solver handles all that for you."

QED Solver features a smart editor for fast and easy problem entry, syntax highlighting, a comprehensive library of built-in functions, blazing fast computing engine, powerful charting capabilities and much more.

Syntax Highlighting - QED Solver implements a clean & elegant syntax highlighting scheme that makes it easier to read and follow the logic of your calculations.

Natural Entry - We've made the syntax as close to natural language as possible and augmented the standard keyboard with the keys you'll need to quickly enter your problems.

Blazingly Fast - Your calculation is optimized & compiled to binary code and run through QED Solver's computation engine. Most problems are solved in just a few milliseconds.

Solution Reports - Create, print, and share professional solution reports. Customize your report by formatting the solution variables, adding a description, and much more.

User Defined Functions - Creating your own functions provides an efficient way of making your problem both compact and elegant. QED Solver supports both single & multi-line user defined functions.

Use QED Solver to solve:
- Systems of equations
- Linear equations
- Nonlinear equations
- Function minimizations
- Derivatives
- Definite integrals

QED also:
- Generates solution reports
- Works with inequalities
- Creates beautiful graphs of functions

Pricing and Availability:
QED Solver for iPhone 1.1 is only $2.99 USD for a limited time (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Education category. QED Solver for iPad is also available on the App Store.

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