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World of Video Poker (AppStore Link)
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World of Video Poker
Developer: Apostek Software
Price: free Download on the App Store

Launched by Apostek Software, World Of Video Poker for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad creates thousands of virtual poker games around the globe every day. Users everywhere can place virtual bets on-the-go, enjoying the tension of the draw and the elation of a winning streak in a variety of Poker formats and mini- games, whilst fun daily bonuses and in-game powers-ups help to determine the house champion.

Including the popular Poker formats "Jacks or Better", featuring the mini-game "High or Low", and the higher bet values of "Double Double Bonus" with the additional matching-game "Lucky's Pot of Gold", users have a variety of poker based table games within which to test their skill. For each round competitors determine the value of their bet, or stake, and then choose for the cards to be drawn and which of those cards they wish to hold for the final draw. A pot of virtual chips allows every player to get up-and-running immediately, and with a little skill, patience and nerve players can rapidly increase their chip holdings.

Daily bonuses offer users additional chips each day by simply taking part in a fun bonus game, whilst specific bonus items can be bought using in-game coins to dramatically increase the changes of a large win. Each item ensures certain cards will be dealt for a certain number of rounds, from a guaranteed pair of Jacks to four out of five cards required for a Royal Flush. Table-side hints offer novices a reliable suggestion of the best cards to hold and winning players can share either their total chip holding or the results of a particular successful round with Facebook and Twitter networks.

"We wanted to use our experience of developing the best selling Slot Machine app to meet the demand of creating a poker game that is accessible to every iPhone and iPad owner." commented Dheeraj Sood of Apostek Software. "World Of Video Poker is easy to pick-up, fast paced and highly addictive, whilst being available as a free download ensures everyone can get involved."

World of Video Poker, the addictive, fun and varied poker challenge is available now in the App Store for iPhone and iPad.

World of Video Poker 1.1 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category.

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