Discovery Bay Games Expands Duo Line of Game Accessories for iPad


Duo Pop - iPad Game Accessories

The Duo Pop iPad game accessory from Discovery Bay Games is a wireless controller that works with quiz- and trivia-style apps.

Discovery Bay Games, leader in app-based game accessories, announced that their new Duo™ line, which includes the Duo Pop™ and Duo Plink™ games, is now on retail shelves. Designed for a wide range of ages and interests, these game accessories for iPad bridge the gap between traditional gameplay and fast-paced digital gaming, while encouraging together time with family and friends.

"Discovery Bay Games continues to create play experiences that bring family and friends together," said Craig Olson, CEO, Discovery Bay Games. "The new Duo line works with iPad to create a unique entertainment experience that the whole family can enjoy."

Duo Pop

With Duo Pop, multiple players or teams compete to be the first to answer questions correctly using one of four handheld poppers. Duo Pop, which interacts wirelessly with iPad, launches with three game apps currently available on the App Store 'Guesstimation™ Duo,' 'Highlights Hidden Pictures Countdown™' and 'Saturday Night Live The Game™.' Duo Pop is designed for 2-4 players or teams, ages 6 and up. Duo Pop game apps are available for free from the App Store on iPad or at Additional content is available for all three apps through In-App Purchase. Duo Pop is now available at Target, retailing for $39.99.

Duo Plink

Duo Plink is a device that sits on top of iPad, allowing it to act as a digital game board. Players take turns guessing which of two options (shown on the iPad screen) is correct by placing their token on the Duo Plink color that corresponds to their guess. At the end of each turn, Plink spins, banking tokens for all correct guesses (no scorekeeping or counting necessary). Duo Plink works with two game apps currently available on the App Store 'Smithsonian Artifact or Fiction™' and 'Yoomi™.' Duo Plink games are designed for 2-6 players, ages 5 and up. The Smithsonian Artifact or Fiction App is available for $2.99 and the Yoomi App is available for free from the App Store on iPad or at Duo Plink is now available at Target, retailing for $29.99.

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