Disruptive Fl3Ur App Set to Reinvent Flower Delivery Business

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Developer: FL3UR, Inc.
Price: free Download on the App Store

Often we find ourselves reminiscing of the time when bringing flowers was simple, fun and rewarding. There is no doubt that large companies with big advertising budgets have killed some of that fun. Armed with an impressive 3D User Interface, fl3ur seeks to bring back smiles to people on the receiving end, whether it is virtually or even getting the real thing.

Happier customers and higher florist margins: That's what the new fl3ur app promises as it prepares to change the flower delivery experience. It's about time: This multi-billion-dollar business has barely evolved in more than a century. In just a few months from launch, tens of thousands have downloaded the fl3ur app and sent hundreds of bouquets. fl3ur is already operating in New York and California. The flower is opening.

What is fl3ur? It's a simple app that allows users to create their own flower bouquet and share it in a fun and unique way, both virtually and deliver it physically, thanks to a sophisticated 3D technology and social layer.

How it works for users: Open the fl3ur app and either create your own bouquet from scratch or customize one from the Ready Made selection. It takes just a few taps to create a beautiful arrangement. Afterwards, the user can add a personalized message and send it through local florists. To send virtually the user can add a selfie or picture chosen from the device albums or even Facebook albums. Users can share their creation on various social networks, or send it through text messages, Whatsapp, and even e-mail.

flur 3.0 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Social Networking category.

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