DivingSigns: The new app for learning the essential diving hand signals

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Developer: LearningSigns Ltd.
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During a basic scuba diving course new divers learn how to assemble and use their diving equipment and fundamental underwater skills. Since comprehensible vocal communication underwater is difficult or nearly impossible, new divers are also required to learn a series of standard hand signals. These include signals for distress, direction and the condition of the diver. Memorising the hand signals is not only essential for getting the PADI or SSI certification; it is vital for every diver's safety and the safety of your diving buddy. However, learning them by heart can be quite challenging.

LearningSigns has the solution! They created the DivingSigns app for iphone, which allows future divers to learn the hand signals by playing a brain game. Their learning game is a practical, researched approach to learning underwater communication. It helps users to memorise the essential diving hand signals. Players learn in a fun and effective way and receive immediate feedback on their proficiency.

* Easy memorization of the essential diving hand signals
* Learn in a fun and effective way
* Immediate feedback on learning progress
* Share results with friends and diving buddies on Facebook
* Localized for English and German

The DivingSigns app is also a great way for certified scuba divers to brush up their knowledge of the hand signals before a refresh dive. Playing the first package the future diver learns the 26 normed diving signs. The second package offers additional, commonly used diving signs.

DivingSigns 1.0 is $1.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Sports category.

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