Doodle Grub Expansion Uses Players to Choose New Updates Each Month

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Doodle Grub Expansion
Developer: PIXOWL INC.
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Pixowl today is pleased to announce the release of Doodle Grub Expansion - a stand-alone, ad-free full version of the game, which allows players to submit their suggestions for new levels and vote once a month on the best one. Pixowl will then design and include the winner in the game's next update!

"Given Doodle Grub's prolonged success, we've received a ton of feedback and suggestions from players worldwide," said Sebastien Borget, co-founder of Pixowl Inc. "In response to this, we've decided to empower the game's legion of fans by organizing a monthly contest to let them pick the levels they'd like to play. We hope to see more games like these — games created by fans, for fans." 

Building on the success of Doodle Grub, an innovative title praised by critics and gamers alike as "simply the best iPhone snake game", Doodle Grub Expansion introduces the concept of a game "made by fans, for fans", where the content of each update (12 are scheduled) is decided by the players and not the developer. Players are invited to submit their ideas to Pixowl online.

Doodle Grub has charted in the Top 10 arcade apps of more than 30 countries since its launch (earning a #10 ranking in the U.S. App Store and a #1 ranking in the App Stores of both France and Germany). To date, the game has been downloaded more than 4.5 million times globally. It takes full advantage of the iPhone's accelerometer and allows players to control the movements of their worm by simply tilting their device.

The object of the game is to collect apples and grow your worm while avoiding several types of enemies that maneuver around the screen. Doodle Grub Expansion utilizes the same successful formula as its parent: it has a wireless and Bluetooth-compatible multiplayer mode that is supported via Pixowl's Game Center, and players can post their high scores to their Facebook and Twitter profiles and challenge their friends and family to beat them.

Doodle Grub Expansion 1.1 is free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store, in the "Games" category.

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