Dooing, Inc. Announces the Launch of Dooing for iOS

Dooing - Team Management, Field Service Dispatch, Scheduling and Workforce Manager (AppStore Link)
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Dooing - Team Management, Field Service Dispatch, Scheduling and Workforce Manager
Developer: Dooing, Inc.
Price: free Download on the App Store

Dooing, Inc. today is proud to announce the launch of Dooing 1.0.1, its mobile field service management platform for iPhone. It's difficult to dispatch field operations for businesses that have tasks on many locations. Finding the closest available employee or getting the status updates of the task is challenging.

Dooing improves the communication between mobile team members in small to medium-sized businesses. The platform aims to help team managers save time and increase productivity by assigning location aware tasks to the closest available employee.

Feature Highlights:
* Create tasks on a location
* Find the nearest team member and assign
* Get status updates on arrival and task completion
* Share location based intels to team members
* Locate team members on map
* Get statistics
* List nearby tasks
* Manage departments

"We wanted it to be simple and affordable for small businesses" says Burak Aydik, Co-founder of Dooing. "If you are an enterprise you already have complex field service management and workflow systems. When it comes to small businesses they need a simple and effective one. We focused on saving time not spending to adapt in."

Dooing 1.0.1 iPhone application is available for free on the App Store in the Productivity category. Company offers its platform in Software as a Service (SaaS) without any contract terms. Platform is available worldwide and free to try for 30 days. Subscription plans starts from $9/month.

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