Dragon and Wolf is an Interactive Adventure Book for Boys

Dragon and Wolf - An Interactive Children`s Book (AppStore Link)
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Dragon and Wolf - An Interactive Children`s Book
Developer: Alexey Politov
Price: $0.99 Download on the App Store

Dragon and Wolf, an interactive book for iOS about usual boys and their unusual tricks, is now available on the App Store. Is it possible to stop children who are always searching for interesting games and small miracles which wait them at every corner? Of course, it isn't.

Once upon a time there was a small town with quiet and green streets, cozy bright houses and an old park. It is comfortable to live there, but it's no adventures at all. But if you are six and you know how to play - it's another matter. And now it's happened with a small boy Wolfy. As soon as he moved to town, the real but small adventure found him.

The book will be interesting to little heroes ages 4 years and up, and parents will be able to participate in their little ones' adventures. The animation and touch-sensitive objects have made the easy-to-remember illustrations even more interesting: cheerful little clouds are crossing the sky, flowers are blooming in the forest, Dragon will need help to free the little ship, the owl and the raccoon are curious to take a look at the visitors, and the bumblebee is buzzing angrily. The stars are ready to greet the reader, and the reader can try to get the moon from the sky!

In addition every page contains background audio which defines a mood of scene and has special function of narrator's reading. User interface of the programme provides an opportunity to choose more comfortable way of acquaintance with the book — you can focus on independent reading and scanning pages, or you can let your book to tell this story for you.

Dragon and Wolf - An Interactive Children's Book 1.0 is available through the App Store in the Books category.

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