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iOrnament: draw creative geometry art (AppStore Link)
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iOrnament: draw creative geometry art
Developer: Juergen Richter-Gebert
Price: $1.99 Download on the App Store

Four months after the release of the iOS drawing app iOrnament the independent label Science-to-touch is launching a new update of this art and science app for creating intriguing ornamental patterns. In Version 1.3 it will in particular invite users to submit their own ornamental creations to an "Ornament World Exhibition". This Exhibition aims to collect ornaments created all over the world and will showcase them through a free iOS app and through the science-to-touch homepage.

The iOS App iOrnament is a drawing app that connects art and science. Following strict geometric rules of symmetry the app creates intriguing patterns by repeating the hand-drawn user input over and over. The ornaments created are virtual equivalents of repetitive ornamental patterns that can be found in every culture and through all ages: on tapestry, wallpapers, pottery, curtains, floor pavements and so on.

While all these regular planar patterns share the same mathematical background (they belong to the so called "wallpaper groups" of which only 17 possible types exist) the concrete ornaments can look very different and carry a lot of cultural background and artistic content. Written by math professor and independent developer Jurgen Richter-Gebert the iPad/iPhone app iOrnament allows for the creation of all mathematically possible ornament types in a free drawing process. "This is amazing. It brings out creativity in everyone I show it to," writes a user from Malaysia.

The large user base that is spread all over the world led the author to start a global experiment on the diversity of ornament creation. In its new Version 1.3 the math app contains an export function to an Ornament World Exhibition. "There are two reasons why I find it interesting to start this project. Firstly, I want to open a platform for sharing the beautiful creations from users. Secondly, I am curious if the submitted Ornaments will carry cultural heritage. I wonder which commonalities and which differences arise", says the author. The exhibition will open as soon as a representative amount of ornament submissions is collected. The exhibition itself will be made accessible through a free app and trough a viewer on the science-to-touch.com website.

Other major improvements in Version 1.3 of iOrnament include enhanced export functionality, increased rendering quality and full iOS 6 compatibility. In particular, it is possible to export a single tile of the ornament. This for instance allows the generation of individually designed background wallpaper for webpages, or for printouts on fabric or gift wrapping papers. The new release is available in since October 10th on the Apple app store.

Feature Highlights:
- Full support of all 17 wallpaper groups
- Supports also rosette symmetries
- Artistic color palette and pen
- Glow pen to add highlights
- English and German language support
- Export to photos, e-mail and facebook
- Export to Ornament World Exhibition
- Single tile support
- Adjustable color palette
- Extensive collection of tips for usage
- Preview of symmetries and fundamental cells
- Animated drawing process
- Change symmetry type on the fly
- Scroll, zoom and rotate
- Unlimited undo/redo
- Full featured iOS6 compatible iPhone and iPad version
- Interactive tutorial on math backgrounds
- Sampler of classical ornaments
- Based on mathematical theory

Reviewers comments on iOrnament:

cooliphoneipadapps.com: "iOrnament is a feast for the eyes of color, symmetry and design art. Gaze in wonder at your creations built on artistry, math and scientific formulas."

appAdvice: "Let your creative side shine with this entertaining art app"

unWordly: "[Using the app] felt similar to the way it feels when improvising music or building up a rhythm in a sequencer. Unexpected strands keep popping up, and the joy is in following them and seeing where they lead. "

iOrnament - The Art of Symmetry 1.3 is only $0.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Education category.

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