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Drawing Box
Developer: Etienne Nguyen Tan Hon
Price: $2.99 Download on the App Store

Paris, France - Independent development team Hu Yong Jie and Etienne Nguyen Tan Hon is proud to announce Drawing Box is awarded "App of the Week" in France, China and Netherlands.

- Displayed in Home Page and Featured in 90 countries
- Rankings: France #1 Overall, China #2 Overall and #1 in Entertainment, Netherlands #1 in Entertainment
- Top100 Overall in 8 countries
- Top10 Entertainment in 10 countries

Unlike other drawing and painting apps available on the App Store, even providing realistic and responsive painting tools, Drawing Box doesn't make the same artistic approach of painting on a digital tablet.

The main purpose is to combine creativity tools and familiar environment. The user interface seems simple by its design, and familiar by its buttons and toolbars. But the features behind the "cartoony" interface are powerful, offering a wide and deep range of creativity tools. The most remarkable of them are behind the "magic stick": falling objects (leaves, paint splashes, bubbles, diamonds, candies, numbers, etc.), animals, footprints, 3D clay.

Different painting styles are also possible with the "harmony" pens, or "Jackson Pollock" splashes and strings. Specially in Drawing Box actual version 2.4, not less than 30 clay pens with glossy color have been added. In the next version 2.5, a specific effort will be made to improve the number of brushes and pens. Some will be realistic, and others frankly surprising.

With all of that, professional features will not be added (at least in the actual configuration of the app) in order to preserve the best balance between simplicity and creativity. Users will not find tools such as layers or cursors to adjust the space, size, opacity, jitter or rotation of the brushes. In fact Drawing Box is already using the multilayer technology for the management of backgrounds, stickers, pictures or virtual keyboard. For the majority of the users, it's more funny to "video replay" the paintings, and share them with their friends or family directly in movie format.

Drawing Box 2.4 is only $1.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Entertainment category. Two versions are launched in the App Store: free and paid. Promo codes are available for testers and the media.

via PR Mac

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