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Drift Club Racer 2 (AppStore Link)
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Drift Club Racer 2
Developer: Christian Skott
Price: free Download on the App Store

Skiproach Studio has created a gaming cult sensation with the much anticipated launch of its sequel: Drift Club Racer 2 v.1.0. With over 20 challenging tracks worldwide, it gives players the chance to own every corner at blistering speed. Players start as rookies with zero fans, but through mastering the tracks, player's level up to win adoring fans and play for the title of a true drift legend.

With a choice of 30 powerful cars and various features along with challenging and varied tracks it gives the player the feeling they are not just driving and drifting but involved in the pitt strategy as applied to every track.

Drift club Racer is wholly addictive, with a few added surprises and heat to push players around every corner.

Feature Highlights:
* Colored smoke
* Drift by night
* 20 tracks
* 30 powerful cars to fill up your garage
* Upgrade your car parts to maximize performance and reduce point loss and damage
* 3 different drift modes to choose from
* Specialized drift races that have never been seen before
* Addictive arcade experience with stunning graphics
* Unlock exclusive cars
* Beat the developer high score

The game view is from a top down perspective giving players max overview of the smoky mayhem created.

The Public Has Spoken:
Noen76 says, "Hidden Gem. I had no clue this was released. I loved the first game. This one is better in every way! If you like top down racers or drifting games, this one is the best on the App Store. My hats off to the dev team on this. Great job and PLEASE keep adding to this game. It's great!"

guvner116 says, "It's good fun - I'm getting into it the more I play it so it could be 5 stars next week, lol."

Greg Jackson says, "Can anyone say awesome! Why has no one told me about this game before... Loving it. Should come with a warning...ADDICTIVE."

Drift Club Racer 2 v.1.0 is free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category.

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