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Developer: Holobyte Pty Ltd
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Droodl App, the creative drawing game that lets you turn a starting "droodl" into an artistic creation, has announced its official release on the Apple iTunes Store. The game presents players with a series of incomplete drawings (droodls), and challenges them to creatively complete the drawings and share with their friends.

"The launch of Droodl App brings back many fond memories of my youth" said the game's creator, Philip Wild. "I used to love watching a children's television program called 'Mr Squiggle' after school. In the show, the central character would take seemingly random pen-strokes on drawings submitted by viewers, and turn them into amazing sketches in a matter of seconds."

Droodl has brought this simple, wholesome game to the age of iPads and iPhones, and the creators believe that children and adults of all ages will enjoy playing the game, and sharing their creations with their friends and family.

"We're really quite excited by today's release," said Philip. "Whilst the game is fairly simple at the moment we see that there's a lot of ways in which the game-play can develop, so we're really keen to hear from our users to understand what they like and don't like about it."

Droodl App is free to download and is supported by a Cloud service, which serves the starting droodls to the App on the user's device. The App also allows users to create and share their own starting droodls for others to enjoy.

Droodl 1.0 is free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Entertainment category.

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