eiientertains presents ZomBomber, a new zombie killer of a game

Zombomber (AppStore Link)
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Developer: eiiConsulting Ltd
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Independent app developer eiiEntertains presents ZomBomber, a new app created for those seeking some zombie action this Halloween. You play Sam, the helicopter pilot who will ship goods anywhere, for anybody, no questions asked, that is as long as the money is right.

So maybe it was Sam who accidentally dropped that barrel of toxic waste from the local power plant onto the graveyard whist flying low one night, and maybe that barrel of waste had a lot to do with the local dead becoming...Alive!

Now your town is plagued by zombies, they all are so hungry for the taste of human brains that they become unstoppable! Can you, sam, your trusty helicopter, a revolver and a full tank of fuel save the day?

Battle your way through six gory levels, fighting off ever growing numbers of the unhappy undead, picking up different weapons along the way. Can you destroy the zombies before all human inhabitants become zombie snacks?

ZomBomber is most suited to older children, teens and adults alike, who enjoy the gory thrill of a fast paced shoot em up style game.

ZomBomber is now available at a sale price of $0.99 throughout the Halloween season.

Zombomber 1.3 is $0.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category.

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