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Energy Works Magazine
Developer: Keep it in the family productions inc.
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Energy Works; Spirit of Design, Health & Lifestyle, is a newly launched mag/app available thru iTunes. It is a non denominational, spa like, downloadable magazine, that has well written articles that profile "Home Sanctuaries" and captivating architecture. EW features stories that are eco forward, upscaled or influenced by energy beliefs such as vastu, feng shui and spiritual intention. Within each issue, EW features Energy Work in application, history and design.

EW explores the philosophies behind unseen forces that influence us in trendsetting interiors, sacred homes, alternative health care, spirituality and healing practices. EW chats about meridian based health procedures such as acupuncture, qi gong, kundalini yoga and reiki.

EW brings all these components to life on the electronic page - well researched articles, helpful tips in easy to read charts, a multitude of video, (which was originally shot for the international broadcast market) and most importantly; EW is packaged in an "easy to navigate" format.

EW also has complimentary audio clips of tranquil music and guided meditations and each volume has a bonus short story or bio, perfect for the subscriber's added reading pleasure.

EW is the most forward "go to" publication for everything NEW AGE! It attracts a wide spectrum of followers; health conscious, design forward, eco savvy, yoga enthusiasts, feng shui followers, interior design devotees, philosophy fans and the spiritual!

If this is indeed the new - NEW AGE, then Energy Works; Spirit of Design, Health & Lifestyle is the perfect companion resource for busy, mobile device consumers.

Energy Works Magazine 1.0 is free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Lifestyle category.

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