esDot Studio launches First-Person Snowball Shooter SnowBomber

SnowBomber (AppStore Link)
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Developer: esDot Studio Inc
Price: $1.99 Download on the App Store

From esDot Studios, a development house located in Edmonton Alberta, Canada, comes an exciting new game that will make this a winter you'll never forget... SnowBomber is a snowball fight like none you've ever had before! With this fight, you're fighting to save the world.

Since its introduction on Blackberry Playbook last week, SnowBomber has received stellar reviews, with an average user rating of 4.73 out of 5. Users have responded and they love the game!

Today we're proud to announce that SnowBomber is available to Android and iOS users worldwide!

SnowBomber is a fast paced 1st person perspective 2D game. At its core the gameplay is extremely simple, but deep at the same time. That's what makes SnowBomber so great - anyone can pick it up and start playing. There's no long list of rules to learn first, no training levels. You just jump right in and start flinging snowballs at Fluffs, but then you get hooked, as it pulls you in deeper and deeper...

It's Angry Birds + Fruit Ninja + a legion of evil Fluffs. What could be more addicting?

SnowBomber Game Elements
⇒ Attack enemies with your trusty slingshot and never-ending snowball supply
⇒ Defend yourself by swiping (ala Fruit Ninja)
⇒ Use special ammo types to maximize your score, and take out enemies faster
⇒ Battle to get your name on the global leaderboards

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