Fakebook for iPhone: Pranksters Use Status Updates to Fool Unsuspecting Victims


YourFav  recently announced the launch of Fakebook, the ultimate Facebook pranking mobile app for iPhone or iPod touch.With Fakebook, users create a fake Facebook status update or photo submission prior to showing their victim, then fool them into thinking it was really posted to Facebook.

This app is not currently available in the App Store.

FAKEBOOK is an entertaining app that will have you laughing for hours by playing pranks on hundreds of your Facebook friends. It is addictive and downright hilarious. Additionally, FAKEBOOK is user friendly, and 100% effective in scaring the living daylights out of your friends. Fans will immediately fall in love with being able to take on the role of Ashton Kutcher in Punk'd with this new Facebook prank app.

At 28 years old, work-at-home-dad Branden Hampton has nearly 10 years experience in sales and marketing. He is a self-taught social media expert that manages 3 Twitter pages and a blog full time. He's amassed over 1,500,000 Twitter followers, including one page that is the fastest non-celebrity page to reach over one million followers in under 6 months to be exact.

Hampton's success follows trailblazers like Facebook Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberberg, who launched a social media phenomenon so huge that it revolutionized the way we communicate and network with one another. For companies that use either the terms "face" or "book" in a name on the internet, the repercussions can be devastating to their brands, URLs, and entire existence on the World Wide Web.

"In the past, Facebook has tried to limit usage of the word 'book' to other companies, instead of looking at these ideas as extra marketing tools to extend the interest in their own brand. I'd hope they recognize our spin-off is a compliment to their business, not competition."

"I came up with the idea when I pretended to upload an embarrassing picture of my fiancée to Facebook and she freaked out. I thought, "How can I replicate that reaction? Why isn't there a fake-update app yet?" So I created one," stated YourFav,LLC Founder Branden Hampton.

"I don't think Facebook should be worried about companies that offer an extension or extra element to their brand, they should be worried about their real competition: other social networking sites."

FAKEBOOK is available for purchase on the Apple App Store.

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