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Family Video Frenzy
Developer: Taste of Nature, Inc.
Price: free Download on the App Store

Family Video Frenzy is available worldwide today for free on iPhone and iPad. Developed by Fryza Mobile App Development, Family Video Frenzy is Taste of Nature's fourth game title to be published to the Apple App Store. Taste of Nature, a well-established candy manufacturer of popular candies such as Cookie Dough Bites and Muddy Bears, is excited for this new release and partnership with Family Video.

"We have worked with Family Video for many years and have been impressed with their business, their values, and their focus on customer service. We felt that Family Video Frenzy would be a great digital extension of their services and a valuable gift to their millions of customers across their 775 stores. We are quite impressed with the way it turned out", said Taste of Nature, Inc. co-Founder and President, Scott Samet.

Family Video Frenzy is a family-friendly arcade game that takes the best features from old-school arcade games like Root Beer Tapper and mixes them with powerups, bosses, and new-age graphics. Players start the game off by learning the ropes as a new employee at Family Video. As the customers come in, the players will toss them the items they are looking for. As players unlock new levels, more customers need your service and you have more challenges to overcome. Players can also purchase powerups and unlock clerks with coins. Each clerk has special abilities that help the player beat levels. Players can also unlock real coupons that can be redeemed at any of Family Video's 775+ stores. The game also features high-resolution, pre-rendered 2D/3D hybrid graphics and animations.

About Family Video:
Family Video is the largest movie and game rental chain in the United States. They operate more than 775 Family Video stores in 20 U.S. states and Canada, and they're opening more all the time. Their unique property-ownership model makes them a different sort of retailer because they buy and develop most of their buildings and land. Their entrepreneurial spirit is what makes Family Video grow. Recently, the company completed a $100 million agreement to open and operate Marco's Pizza stores adjacent to their video stores to offer one-stop shopping for dinner and entertainment.

About Fryza:
Fryza Mobile App Development is an independent developer of mobile apps and games for iOS, Android, Windows, and Blackberry platforms. Founded in 2007 by industry veterans, Fryza has quickly become an industry leader, establishing a model for successful and creative mobile app and game development. The results of Fryza's work has been over 15 million downloads across 25 mobile apps and games.

Family Video Frenzy 1.0 is rated 4+ and is available today for free exclusively through the App Store in the Games category.

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  • Rick

    Fun game, just downloaded. Kids like it too!