Fast Food Revenge Looks to Expand Fan Base With Free App

This app is not currently available in the App Store.

WebMynx, an iPhone app development company based in India, released a new app for the iTunes market today called Fast Food Revenge Lite. A free version of the original paid version, Fast Food Revenge Lite is a casual gaming app for the iPhone, which involves a fast food junky (named Tubby Hogsworth) being attacked by cheeseburgers. As the clock ticks, Hogsworth earns points by staying alive and burning calories from running for from the fast food. The app has high-quality graphics, smooth game play, and no learning curve.

WebMynx believes that Fast Food Revenge Lite is a perfect app for casual gamers, or any iPhone user that has a few minutes to spare to entertain themselves. “Burning calories inside an iPhone app is much more fun than burning them in real life,” says Ajay Gandhi, Director of WebMynx. “Fast Food Revenge has been very successful since its launch, and we would like to broaden our fan base by creating a Lite version that is free to download."

Fast Food Revenge and Fast Food Revenge Lite are fun for all ages of game players. Fast Food Revenge currently has over 76 iTunes reviews and retains a perfect 5 star rating. Both apps are available in the iTunes Games category. Both apps are also Game Center activated, so users can socially engage each other in the app. WebMynx expects both the paid and lite versions to thrive, given their entertaining features, amazing graphics, and the increasing popularity of innovative casual games.

“Casual games have been a hot item in the iTunes market for quite a while,” says Ajay. “But only unique and fun apps like Fast Food Revenge become highly successful.”

This app is not currently available in the App Store.

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