Favd: An Innovative Photo Sharing App for iOS

Favd - Share Your Photos (AppStore Link)
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Favd - Share Your Photos
Developer: YourHead Software
Price: free Download on the App Store

YourHead Software today announced the release of Favd 1.0, an innovative photo sharing app for iPhone. Favd utilizes App.net's ad-free social network to ensure that users always own their content. Favd has a built in camera with live filters that lets users take pictures, add filters, and share with friends. Users can easily share pictures on Facebook, Twitter, and App.net. Users can follow friends, favorite their photos, and see who has the most popular pics.

Favd gives users a way to share photos and interact with friends without sacrificing the rights to their content by utilizing App.net's ad-free social network. Users can be confident that their photos are not being used in ads and that they retain all the rights to their photos.

In conjunction with user rights, Favd also incorporates App.net's social network. Users can fave, share, and comment on friends' photos. Favd has several built-in filters as well as a few premium filters. Users can also explore the most popular photos.

Features of Favd include:
* Built-in camera with live themes
* Options to share on FaceBook, Twitter, and App.net
* Ability to follow friends and favorite their photos
* Users retain ownership of their photos

Favd - Share Your Photos 1.0.1 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Photo & Video category.

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