LED Mini Projector Displays Video from iPads and iPhones


FAVI Entertainment, a leading provider of digital projection and visual display products, today announced a new portable mini projector capable of displaying images and video files from a USB or SD card port as well as a range of devices such as iPads, iPhones, laptops, desktops, tablets and DVD/Blu-ray players. The new RioHD-LED-4, weighing in at less than one pound, is an LED-based mini projector ideal for both business travel and home entertainment. 

The RioHD-LED-4 is also a featured product in the new FAVI Projector Package for Apple AirPlay. The all-in-one package, which allows wireless projection from an Apple iPad 2 or iPhone 4/s, includes the RioHD-LED-4 and a portable, tabletop projection screen with carrying case. Designed specifically for high-flying business professionals, the screen, projector and tablet are easily transportable in carry-on luggage. Available now, the FAVI Projector Package for Apple AirPlay is priced at $399.00.

“Ideal for both businesses and home theaters, our new RioHD-LED-4 boasts a number of improvements over its predecessor such as support for HDMI and iOS devices,” explained Jeremy Yakel, president of FAVI Entertainment. “The unit's LED lamp promises a quick start-up and lamp life of 30,000 hours. Furthermore, the RioHD-LED-4 is included in our new FAVI Projector Package for Apple AirPlay which enables users to wirelessly project images and videos from iPads and iPhones.”

Leveraging a standard HDMI port, the RioHD-LED-4 is capable of playing back 1080p crystal-clear video. The mini LED projector is ideal for pitching presentations to new clients while on the road as well as home cinema entertainment with the family. The LED lamp has an average rated life of 30,000 hours which means you'll never need to replace the projector's bulb.

To learn more, visit: http://www.favientertainment.com.

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