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FeedsWire - News RSS Feed Reader (AppStore Link)
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FeedsWire - News RSS Feed Reader
Developer: MyClickapps.com LLC
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MyClickApps LLC's newest app called FeedsWire, hits the top 50 of the "What's New" section in the App Store in less than 36 hours after its official launch. In less than 36 hours after its official launch, a new app called FeedsWire has climbed to the top 50 in its category and is currently featured in the "What's New" section in the App Store.

"The app has been a huge success from Day 1 partly because it makes categorizing and sharing news a lot easier than ever before," said Muhieddine EL Kaissi, president of MyClickApps LLC, which officially launched FeedsWire earlier this week.

FeedsWire is an RSS feed aggregator that enables users to group feeds together by category to stay organized and instantly share articles, tweets, and other media morsels they come across with their friends.

EL Kaissi stressed that although FeedsWire has already accomplished what more than 90 percent of new apps never accomplish during its lifetime, he expects the excitement and enthusiasm about FeedsWire to continue for a long time.

"FeedsWire was developed to provide users with something that they need, something that makes their lives easier, and FeedsWire definitely does that," EL Kaissi said of the app which has advanced caching technology, where users are free to read and review their favorite RSS feeds even when operating in offline mode.

Some of FeedWire's key features, EL Kaissi said is its grouping options to keep feeds organized and easily accessible, its full offline access to all RSS feeds, and its lightning quick loading times.

"It has the power to stay tapped into all the media and news channels you want right at your fingertips," said EL Kaissi. EL Kaissi further explained that Feedwire's keyword-based feed search engine allows users to find their favorite feeds and discover new ones in an instant. It also allows them to follow RSS feeds from any source," EL Kaissi added.

Those sources included everything from local news, magazines, popular online business, entertainment, and financial media outlets, to custom social network feeds.

FeedsWire 1.0 is free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the News category. Users can quickly and easily upgrade to the full version for full access to this handy app for just $0.99. Users need only purchase FeedsWire once to enjoy it on each of their iOS devices. For more information about the FeedsWire app, please visit MyCllickApps online.

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