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Final Freeway 2R
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The sequel to chart-topping retro racing game Final Freeway is set to wheel-spin onto a mobile device near you. Final Freeway 2: Retro builds on the critical acclaim of the original which received overwhelming praise for the way it captured the authentic feel of old-school arcade racers. Japanese developer, Oyatsukai, has used feedback from fans of their first racing game to introduce a raft of exciting new features for this sequel.

FF2R puts the player in control of an open-top sports car as you blast across 14 different stages. The game uses a specially designed 'raster scroll' graphics system to recreate the exhilarating feel of the coin-op originals.

Davide Pasca, founder and development director for Oyatsukai, said: "We're really proud of how this has turned out. The first game was a kind of an experiment for us, so we were really pleased to get such a positive response. It was the feedback from our fans which was our inspiration when it came to making this sequel even better. We've been really careful to keep the same arcade feel, but we've managed to push FF2R on to the next level of retro racing."

The original Final Freeway was released in 2010 and became a best-selling racing game on both iPhone and iPad, selling over 110,000 copies. It was also downloaded more than 150,000 times during a 24-hour free promotion.

New Features in Final Freeway 2: Retro

- Dynamic branching (choose your path as you go)
- Spectacular crash sequences
- Selectable characters with driver attributes
- Refined 'raster' graphics engine
- Three 80's inspired pop-rock audio tracks
- Six different control schemes

The game's distinctive retro graphics have been created by specialist pixel artist Giuseppe "MisBug" Longo who has ensured that every element of FF2R maintains an authentic old-school appearance. The success of the first game allowed Oyatsukai to raise funds for the sequel using the innovative funding model provided by appbackr which allows individuals to invest in the game.

Final Freeway 2R 1.0 is available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category.

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