First Full-Fledged Weather App with Crowdsourced Data Released

SkyMotion - Highly Accurate, Hyperlocal, Weather Forecasts for Rain, Snow and Freezing Rain (AppStore Link)
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SkyMotion - Highly Accurate, Hyperlocal, Weather Forecasts for Rain, Snow and Freezing Rain
Developer: Sky Motion Research
Price: free Download on the App Store

Known for providing detailed minute-by-minute forecasts, as well as traditional daily to 7-day forecasts, the SkyMotion 4.0 app now also ensures maximum accuracy by relying on one of the largest weather crowdsourcing platforms in the world. SkyMotion is now the only full-fledged weather app that gathers and integrates validated ground-level observations, allowing users to actually influence forecasts. The free application, now available worldwide for all iOS devices, is also the only mobile weather app to offer both nowcasts (precipitation forecasts down to the exact minute) and traditional forecasts.

While weather radars have been traditionally relied upon by weather apps to track precipitation clouds, they provide little insight as to whether precipitation will reach the ground. Equipping SkyMotion users with a crowdsourcing platform circumvents this technological limitation, offering them an unprecedented level of accuracy.

SkyMotion's patented nowcasting technology tells users the exact minute they can expect precipitation. It does so by translating data from hundreds of Doppler radars, every 5 minutes, into a unique forecast for every 0.6 square mile. That's roughly 16 million zones simultaneously, every 5 minutes.

Receiving weather data in real-time, SkyMotion is also the only app that is designed to sense dramatic condition changes and instantly highlight them for users.

"All current weather crowdsourcing applications have users send observations into a black hole, with little to no apparent benefit for them. That's not the case with SkyMotion, which benefits from inheriting the large database of users who had downloaded previous versions of the app. We don't have to build a database of observers from scratch," said Sky Motion Research CEO, Maxime Julien. "We're one of the most sophisticated weather apps on the market."

SkyMotion 4.0 Features:
* Nowcasts: find out the exact minute it will rain for your location
* Get first-glance view of nowcasts, hourly, daily, and weekly forecasts in a single swipe
* Integration of ground-level observations for maximum accuracy
* Unique forecasts for every 0.6 square miles
* Weather alerts from national weather services
* Ads can be removed through an in-app purchase
* Condition highlights: dramatic changes in weather conditions now glow for your convenience
* Improved precipitation prediction for rain, snow, freezing rain, ice pellets and hail
* Be the first to share nowcasts on Facebook and Twitter
* Support for over 80 languages
* iPhone 5 & iOS 6.1.2 Compatible

SkyMotion 4.0 is free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Weather category. Customer care is available 7 days a week in English, Spanish, French, and Italian. A free web app is equally available at SkyMotion online.

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