First public release of Rosin, app for professional hairdressers

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Developer: Transparent Flux Ltd.
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Transparent Flux Studios today announced release of a second major version to Rosin. Rosin helps professional hairdressers to have a more individual approach to customers and is available exclusively for iPhone and iPod touch.

While Rosin has been available for download on the App Store since January, this is the first official public release.

"We worked as a team with a leading hairdresser from the beginning. With Rosin she can now search her customer and all the previous notes and prepare beforehand for the appointment. She uses their phone number to identify them rather than their full name since she can already see the number and don't have to ask it. And there's always the risk of misspelling," said Sven Ahtama, a founder of Transparent Flux Studios.

"There has been a lot of field testing and we are really excited about the outcome. Rosin brings customer service to the next level and now with the new recipe editor it's even easier to use in small form factor."

"Quite a few users have already downloaded the initial release of Rosin for free and our current public release will remain free for the time being. But one day we will change the pricing and it will be a nice bonus for those early users that they will keep getting free updates to Rosin in the future," he added.

Rosin is now available world-wide on the App Store, free of charge for a limited time.

Rosin 2.0 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Business category.

via PR Mac

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