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Developer: Ralf Trachte
Price: $0.99 Download on the App Store

TypeWay makes use of iPad's multi-touch capabilities, and adapts the virtual keyboard to individual hands and typing habits to ease 10-finger typing. Version 1.2 offers a quasi-full keyboard with many special signs via the Alt/Opt-key and new options. "Spring Discount": $ 1.99 from now to May 12.

Version 1.2 has a quasi-full keyboard with almost all usual special signs via the Alt/Opt-key (accents, several quotation marks, (C) etc.), what makes typing on the iPad comfortable. It uses the multi-touch-screen optimal by adapting to different hand sizes, and shifting positions. Typing indeed is possible just by small finger movements, when an individual key-configuration is used. You can evolve and create your individual key-configuration; the "Freeze" or "Save" functions allow to maintain it. TypeWay 1.2 has more connectivity options for text export as "Send to iTunes" on your computer, and "Open In...", and refined UI-functions.

As "Spring Discount" the price is $ 1.99 (instead of $ 4.99) from now to May 12.

This utility app fits to iPad's technology of sensing 10 touches simultaneously. Conventional keyboards require a discipline to tap in linear rows, but hands are individual in size, shape, and typing habits, and may shift in position. TypeWay uses information about touch events to refresh the configuration of keys continuously (patents and patents pending). Typing is in a new way simple by this "immaterial" keyboard.

Benefits :
- Supports 10-finger typing with automatic adaptation of the key configuration to hands and typing habits
- Encourages learning touch typing skills
- Advantages for blind typing
- Quasi-full keyboard with many special signs via the Alt/Opt-key
- Default keyboard layout straight or slanted
- By "Restore" a favorite key configuration is used
- "Freeze" fixes the actual key configuration. "Unfreeze" activates the adaptation.
- Storage and basic management of text files
- Font size settings
- The "Share" function uses Mail, Twitter, AirPrint, "Send to iTunes" on your computer, or "Open In..." (e.g. "Pages" or "Dropbox").
- Integrated are iOS 5 features, as cut, copy & paste, spell checker, suggestions for word correction.

TypeWay 1.2 is priced at $1.99 (USD) or local equivalent from now to May 12 as discount price. It is available exclusively from the iTunes App Store in the Utilities category.

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