Flashlight App Achieves Milestone Sales on Black Friday

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Flashlight ®
Developer: ESS International Corporation
Price: $1.99 Download on the App Store

Flashlight Appi4software® (http://www.i4software.com) today announced it has sold one million copies of its FLASHLIGHT app for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S users. The milestone came for FLASHLIGHT ironically on Black Friday. The app, selling for 99-cents was first released in July of 2010 and since has become the number one selling iOS utility, ranking as the overall top-paid app in the Utilities Category of the App Store.

The popular FLASHLIGHT app rivals many of the most popular games downloaded from the Apple iTunes Store and shines among users with its 10,000+ 5-star ratings.

“Achieving 1 million in sales on a single app is significant for i4Software® and gives us a great foundation for further growth, specifically for our new entertainment-related product coming in January at i4movies.com. FLASHLIGHT has provided a great opportunity for a million users to discover the importance of having the FLASHLIGHT app on their iPhone for critical and day-to-day situations,” says Michael Zaletel, CEO of i4Software. 

Praises for the app have come from police officers, firefighters, pilots, EMTs, nurses, military personnel and other users who recount how instantly turning the iPhone into a flashlight prevented injuries and saved lives.

The overwhelming popularity of FLASHLIGHT is that it opens faster than any other app, illuminating instantly when the app is launched. Utilizing the LED camera flash, instead of just using the iPhone's LCD screen, FLASHLIGHT is able to provide a constant light source that is brighter than most common D battery flashlights.

“People appreciate the fact that its ad free and has multiple uses as many of our customer reviews have indicated. This has built user confidence in our other products and has helped i4Software® to attract new customers to our brand.” According to Zaletel, it has increased the company's market share with millennial buyers; thanks to the recent launch of the iPhone 4S. “Next, we're anticipating another million-seller with our new personal entertainment app that's premiering soon on i4movies.com.”

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