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Apps2Go today is pleased to announce FlightCode 2.50, an aviation dictionary in your pocket. Even seasoned professionals from the aviation sector are not always able to decipher each code displayed on planning documents, airports or even in the aircraft itself. The pro-app FlightCode can help - it decodes the secret language of the aviation industry. The common traveler never sees many of the codes explained by FlightCode. One example is the delay codes that clearly show to an insider why a particular flight is late.

"FlightCode was developed in collaboration with professionals, mainly as a tool for experts in the aviation sector. Most suggestions for further development are coming from pilots or air traffic control staff. The extend of the included codes however makes this app interesting even for travelers or spotters." — Volker Bublitz from Apps2Go Ltd

FlightCode has much to offer — even for the ordinary traveler. The app illustrates which destination is hidden in the characters on the luggage label, which airline belongs to the identification code on the display panel and also what specific abbreviations on the ticket mean.

FlightCode 2.50 Has Even More Content

Version 1.0 started out with only a list of IATA and ICAO airport codes. Gradually the supplied information has been considerably increased. The new version 2.50 now shows the 2-digit IATA and the 3-digit ICAO codes for airlines. Even the ICAO call signs are being introduced. Airport related IATA and ICAO codes are still being displayed. In the U.S. codes of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) may be obtained. In Canada the TC codes for Transport Canada are available. If information regarding the longitude/latitude for an airport location is listed, the user may have it displayed on a map.

In case an ICAO code is available for a particular airport the app can supply and decode the current METAR weather report for many of them. FlightCode 2.50 even offers a METAR decoder that will deciphers older codes. If no ICAO code exists, the weather report will be based on the IATA code or the longitude/latitude. When it comes to the type of aircraft, the 2- to 4-digit ICAO codes and the 3-digit IATA codes are displayed. Most aircraft's may be linked directly to the Wikipedia database where additional information can be obtained - for all users who want to know more.

Furthermore, FlightCode 2.50 offers a complete list of abbreviations from the airline sector, a list of country codes (where does the aircraft come from?), pictures of a pilot plus NOTAM Q codes with information from the FAA for the "airmen". Even IATA delay codes used by the airlines to communicate the reason for a delay may be obtained.

FlightCode In a nutshell

⇒ FlightCode 2.50 has been released
⇒ App for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad
⇒ App for aviation professionals and ordinary travelers
⇒ Aviation Decoder
⇒ Familiar with codes for airports, aircraft types, airlines and abbreviations used in the airline sector
⇒ Generates notes and a personalized checklist
⇒ New: Many, many new codes
⇒ New: Weather reports for airports
⇒ New: Delay-codes and Notam Q decoder
⇒ New: METAR decoder

FlightCode 2.5 is available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Reference category.

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