Flying Pig Releases Edouard Warehouse Mobile

Edouard Warehouse (AppStore Link)
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Edouard Warehouse
Developer: Flying Pig Corporation
Price: free Download on the App Store

Today, Flying Pig announced the release of Edouard Warehouse Mobile, the first iOS satellite app in the Edouard - the Mac ERP specially created for SMBs - universe. Taking advantage of Edouard's client-server architecture to maximize collaboration and specifically Edouard Server 1.2 Mobile interface, Flying Pig has created Edouard Warehouse Mobile as a feature specific, mobile app to offer incredible productivity and efficiency to Edouard's customers.

Edouard Warehouse Mobile is intended to be used within a wifi-covered warehouse to quickly access inventory information and eventually alter them.

Combine an iPod touch - available in any Apple Store - with a Linea Pro from Infinite Peripherals or an iSMP from Ingenico and Edouard Warehouse Mobile becomes a very efficient, accessible and complete, on-site inventory management solution.
Edouard Warehouse Mobile (or EWM) requires Edouard 1.2 and Edouard Server 1.2 with the mobile interface activated. It will run on most iOS devices, detect the presence of the Linea Pro or the iSMP and offer a manual input in case none of these devices are available.

Edouard Warehouse Mobile 1.2 is $39.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide through the App Store in the Business category. If you wish to know more about Edouard, Edouard Server, EWM or the Edouard universe, you will find all your answers on the product page.

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