It's a Football Fiesta! Join the Nations Cup in Soctics League

Soctics: Pocket Football (AppStore Link)
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Soctics: Pocket Football
Developer: Bitongo Ltd.
Price: free Download on the App Store

Join the Nations Cup in Soctics League and bring glory to your country with your teammates. Get Soctics League from the App Store for the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad platforms. Play against the device, a friend via hot-seat mode or through Game Center, or anyone in the world through Bitongo's online matchmaking and league system.

Bitongo's turn-based 3-on-3 puck football gives the players the chance to use their cunning tactics to outsmart their opponents. 3 different player types are available to increase the tactical depth of the game. Binoculars can be used to see where the ball will go when precision is needed. 

SmartCrowd: Experience true fan support during the games. Your fans will react to the events during the match in a realistic way. The bigger fanbase you have, the more versatile their support will be. Grow your fanbase during online matches to unlock new chants.

More ways to play with friends.

  • Two-player mode: Hot-seat mode to play against friends on the same device.
  • Game Center Support: Challenge your friends via Game Center anytime
  • Online Multiplayer: Join the Bitongo online community and play against other players from all around the world (Internet connection required).

Several new challenges are provided with the additional achievements to be unlocked and worldwide rankings to compete against.  Climb the ranks as you keep winning your matches. Bitongo's skill-based ranking system helps to decide who are the best players on the globe.

To strengthen the Bitongo online community, players can chat with each other in the online lobby. Parental controls are available to protect children from the chat feature

Soctics League is now free for a limited time. Regular price is $1.99.

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