FPS Russia Launches First Official Video Game with Zaah

FPS Russia: The Game (AppStore Link)
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FPS Russia: The Game
Developer: Zaah Technologies, Inc.
Price: free Download on the App Store

FPS Russia, the personality behind one of the most subscribed channels on YouTube, has released his first officially licensed video game for iPad, iPhone and iPod developed by Zaah, a digital creative agency. FPS Russia: The Game 1.0.5 is a continuous runner and shooter game for iOS that uses weapons, vehicles and themes established from the immensely popular FPS Russia YouTube channel.

"Weapons, explosions, and FPS Russia himself are what fans love about the channel, so we focused the game around those elements," said Zaah CEO Aidan Butler. "FPS Russia fans helped make this game possible through Kickstarter, so every element of this game was created with the fans in mind."

FPS Russia: The Game was funded in part by a successful Kickstarter campaign in December 2012, which surpassed its original goal of $51,337 USD. Funding from Kickstarter backers allowed the game to be released for free on iPhone, iPad and iPod.

FPS Russia: The Game takes place after the events of the FPS Russia video "A Very Bad Day," which was also used as the introduction to the game's kickstarter campaign. The video received over 4 million views combined on Kickstarter and YouTube, and is available on the FPS Russia YouTube page.

FPS Russia: The Game is available as a free download for iOS devices, available in the United States and most other app stores.

Feature Highlights:
* Vehicles including the helicopter, quadrotor, tank and light striker
* Hours of gameplay with UNLIMITED missions
* Exclusive voice acting by FPS Russia
* Customizable outfits
* Power ups and permanent upgrades

About FPS Russia:
FPS Russia is a YouTube personality with over 3 million subscribers and half a billion views. His videos often show how weapons work in real life, comparing them to how they are portrayed in video games. Things usually explode. His channel is one of the Top 10 channels on YouTube, amassing over half a billion views and 3.8 million subscribers to date.

FPS Russia: The Game 1.0.5 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category. Download the game on the iTunes App Store.

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