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Freaking Furries
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Digital Poke today is happy to announce the arrival of Freaking Furries on the iOS App Store. Freaking Furries comes from the makers of 360 Web Browser and 3 Magic Shots and carries the same innovative stance as their other apps.

Freaking Furries is a physics puzzler game that sprawls through various environments in which you play as the character Boo to rescue Furries (aka damshells in distress) from the evil ones. The furries are stuck and they need your help to be rescued. You take on the role of Boo and rescue them through different worlds to complete the game.

Users have to use obstacles of different worlds like teleporter, bouncy ground, flying rocks, slippery ice among other things to solve the puzzles, Combining this with the different abilities of Boos (Bomb, Drill, Multiply, etc) and Furries (robotic, sleepy, zombieish, etc) ensures countless hours of fun and challenging gameplay.

Freaking Furries features 5 different realms in which you can travel to... along with 150+ levels which you can play. The realms are divided beautifully with themes such as Heaven, Ice, Science Lab, Jungle and Factory along with special powerups for each of these episodes.

Freaking Furries 1.1 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category. an Android version debuting soon.

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