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Detective's Voice Recorder - One Touch Fast Secret and Professional Recorder (AppStore Link)
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Detective's Voice Recorder - One Touch Fast Secret and Professional Recorder
Developer: YOUNG MU YOU
Price: free Download on the App Store

Heaven's Square today is proud announce Detective's Voice Recorder - One Touch Fast Secret but Professional Recorder for iOS. It adheres to the basic recording functions and automatically checks recording interference circumstances like multi-tasking, calling, and messaging then allows recording to be continued. It would be a good choice for the users who intend to use only the basic recording functions since it provides recording while checking storage capacity of iOS5, iOS6 devices and the battery status.

In addition, it provides two different methods of recording modes to suit users taste. It suggests a satisfactory way for both types of users of those who want quick recording with single touch and the ones who prefer professional recording with detailed option setting.

And the built-in function that enables saving both recording place image and the voice recording is useful for the user who would like to store his or her recording as more detailed source, not just with the voice. Also, it can be saved easily on Cameral Roll in basic photo application, and this simply enables anyone to store and check anytime, while saving is possible on outer sources as well.

Sound detection recording, which detects the sound and enables recording the sound only set by the user, significantly reduces storage space of recording and allows sound recording without noise depends on its use.

As additional optional features, you may equip the device with sound detection call function that makes a call to a specific phone number before recording by detecting the sound not set by the user. You could also have option feature that allows you to set recording quality more specifically.

Detective's Voice Recorder lets iOS users, who want to use the recording efficiently with more options, to experience further.

Detective's Voice Recorder 1.11 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Utilities category.

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