Freedom Flights - The Adventures of Cocky is Now Free

Freedom Flights: Adventures of Cocky - Island Escape Action Game Free (AppStore Link)
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Freedom Flights: Adventures of Cocky - Island Escape Action Game Free
Developer: Green Room Group
Price: free Download on the App Store

There's no place like home for Cocky the parrot as he uses any means he can - sailboat, glider and even jet pack - to battle an evil rat and a sneaky snake to flee a tropical island in Freedom Flights - The Adventures of Cocky. The electrifying action game for iPhone and iPad is now available from developer Green Room Group in the iTunes App Store. How Fast will you escape?

"This tropical island isn't a paradise for Cocky the parrot," said Michael Tauber, Managing Director of Green Room Group. "All he wants to do is flee the island and escape the dangerous traps set for him and rocks hurled at him by a conniving rat and snake. You'll need a sense of adventure, careful strategy and quick reflexes if you want to win Freedom Flights and help Cocky get home."

With five levels of difficulty, Freedom Flights is easy to learn and offers a continuous challenge for all levels of gamers. Players control Cocky's adventures by directing his movement with tilts of the iPhone or iPad. Moving the device up or down, players can guide Cocky higher or lower in flight & with their finger players can launch Cocky off the sand dune and into the air & defend against rat & snake.

As Cocky attempts to escape the island, he faces down obstacles such as the wily rat and snake and earns coconuts to shop for transportation to aid his journey. Sure to make the most serious gamer smile, the tiered transportation options for Cocky the parrot include skis, a dune buggy, helicopter, sailboat, hydrofoil, jet pack, even a stealth drone bomber and much much more.

Players can also help Cocky earn points and medals for excellent jumps. The faster and farther he flies, the more points a player earns. As players accumulate rewards, they can use them to provide Cocky with access to magical powers that help him fly faster, defy gravity and weaken the most ingenious traps. These powers can even be used to take one day off the player's tally.

Ready to appeal to any taste and enliven play, Freedom Flights features a choice of rap, rock & pop music selections. The stunning island scenery can also change from day to night for a change of pace or an extra challenge.

"Lush tropical graphics, challenging obstacles, amazing magical powers and fierce villains will have players coming back again and again to test their skill," said Michael Tauber. "Set your strategy and find out if your reflexes are fast enough to lead Cocky's escape."

Freedom Flights: Adventures of Cocky 1.1.2 is available for download worldwide through the iTunes App Store in the Games category for free.

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