Fruits Collector Brings New Challenges to Slice-n-Dice Games

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Fruits Collector
Developer: Piotr Turlej Angry Orange
Price: free Download on the App Store

Angry Orange Studios is introducing Fruits Collector for iOS, their new arcade Game where players get to slash, grab, drag, and tap different fruits in one of four gameplay modes. More challenging than other games of this genre, most fruits can only be slashed after they have fallen from the tree and before they hit the ground. Various modes included are: Slash, Speed, Short Rounds, and Endless. Featuring very realistic graphics and animation, the game provides excellent onscreen and audio feedback.

On Launch in landscape orientation, the gamer can choose from four modes of play. In "Slash Them All" mode, players must slash oranges or other fruit in a set period of time. The two and a half minute timer runs down as play proceeds, providing ample encouragement to react faster. Oranges fall from the tree at about one per second, and depending upon their height, take one or two seconds to reach the ground. The player must slash each orange in half before it hits the ground. This is difficult, because the fruit falls quickly and must be slashed as it falls, a feat requiring excellent hand-eye coordination. Point values change at different levels, for example 15 points for every orange, then 15 points for rotten oranges and 30 points for ripe ones.

Gameplay feedback is excellent. Oranges splatter realistically and produce a pleasing "thump" sound when slashed. Slashes create convincing, dynamic white streaks onscreen, and they are accompanied by matching sound effects that change with the speed and direction of slashes.

In "How Long Can You Play?" mode, gamers slash falling pears, and there is no time limit. However, there is a limit to the number of fruits that can hit the ground before the game ends. Level 1 scores 30 points per pear, but they are very tricky to slash as they fall; only after some practice can users move on to Level 2. At the end of each round, the player's score is displayed, including the number of ripe and rotten fruit contributing to the total score. Facebook and OpenFeint connectivity is also available on every scoring screen.

"Endless Mode" in Fruits Collector features apples falling from a large tree in a peaceful meadow, complete with a rainbow overhead. On being slashed and splattered, apples make an especially rewarding explosive sound. At the start, the tree contains approximately 30 fruits, which fall at the rate of about one per second. There is no clock, and there is no limit to the number of apples that can fall to the ground intact. Players can use this mode for marathon games and to practice their skills.

The last mode is "Short Rounds," where players try to tap and drag as many fruit as possible from the tree and into a fruit basket on the ground, within short, timed periods of 5 - 60 seconds. Other tasks include: tap the fruit, one by one, as it appears on the tree; tap only bad fruit; tap numbered fruit in ascending numerical order, etc.

"Fruit Collector is as simple to play as it is addicting," stated Roman Turlej of Angry Orange Studios. "The game includes a wide array of straight forward game modes that put players to the ultimate test of agility and concentration. The app includes mini-games with strict time limits, a variety of time-based and point-based slashing games, and still others that simply challenge the player to last as long as they can without dropping the ball - or more accurately - the fruit, and loosing!"

Fruit Collector Gameplay Video

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