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Cheesar HD
Developer: Arch Square
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After getting feedback from the players of our new popular app "Cheesar", people are all saying one thing: the game is "frustratingly good." What does that even mean? In laymen terms, it means they enjoy playing the game, but the stress it creates is frustrating. We scratch our heads wondering how a simple game of swiping and connecting colorful characters creates such widespread grief.

To unravel the cause of this issue we decided to sit and play the game for an entire day. One game after another, slowly seeing the hours of our work day slowly slipping away, we stared into the vengeful eyes of those cute little furry characters (But do not let their cuteness fool you. They'll make you "cheese" yourself (pardon the french)). We experienced the anxiety of the timer creeping its way to zero and jittery fingers it produced, and we experienced that sweet feeling of knocking our friends out of their previous position on the scoreboard. Our conclusion: it is "frustratingly good."

Since this frustration knows no borders and spreads like the chicken flu, we translated the app into nine major languages so that people of all nationalities could share their frustration with one another. So, if you're wondering what "frustratingly good" translates to in other languages, here are a few that might tickle your Rosetta Stone:

- Spanish: "no Juan cares"
- Chinese: "me sooo mad"
- British: "absolute tosh"
- Pig-Latin: "rustratingfay oodgay"

However and wherever you say it, it ultimately boils down to "Fun."Regardless if it is frustratingly good or not, it's available for Free on both the iPhone and iPad. So turn that frustration Off and turn On your iPhone and download "Cheesar" already!

Perhaps after playing Cheesar and smashing the scores of your friends just to see the look on their face, you might not call it "frustratingly good", but "addictingly great." Some have even said that it has acted as a "gateway drug" to other addicting games such as DnD, WoW, LoL, BRB, FTW, BFF and all those other acronyms. We could ramble on and on trying to put feelings into words, but frankly, we've got high scores to beat in this frustratingly good game.

Cheesar 1.5 is Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Entertainment category. To get further information, please contact Henry Ton by phone at 480-277-3847, by email, or at Archsquare online.

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