Galaxy Pirate Adventure: 3D Interstellar Space Challenge for RPG Fans

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Galaxy Pirate Adventure

RPG with innovative space battle system

Sunfish Studio has just released Galaxy Pirate Adventure 1.0 for iOS. This new RPG adventure lets players take on the role of the son of the Galaxy Pirate King and learn the skills to prey on vessels traveling through space.

The game, which includes 44 cinematic cutscenes and more than 40 hours of gameplay, is among the most graphically detailed and technically complex space RPGs for iOS. Galaxy Pirate Adventure aims to bring the quality of iOS games closer to console titles. And they just might do it with a large galaxy containing 40 starports, 10 solar systems and 2 pirate kingdoms at different levels of technological advancement, all presented with some of the most gorgeous visuals ever seen on the iOS platform. 

The competition is fierce among iOS RPGs set in the future involving combat between space-faring vessels. With Galaxy Pirate Adventure, Sunfish Studio aims to take the genre to an entirely new level of sophistication and artistry. Mile-long battleships are detailed, shaded, and rendered in impressive detail, and the camera view sails smoothly through an assembled armada of large and small ships. Running lights cycle on and off at the extremities of each ship, and their hulls are studded with metallic, utilitarian plates, modules, weapons, ports, and instruments. The ships might not look glossy or aerodynamic at first glance, but instead are worn and covered with asymmetric mazes of pipes, ducts, wiring, and defenses, making the overall space adventure experience even more realistic.

The amount of detail devoted to procuring and outfitting vessels is considerable. There are many options: visiting Fleet, where all ships are managed; Warehouses, where unused ships and spare parts are stored; and Factories, where new ships can be custom designed. Fortunately, there is a Help button on every screen to aid the player in making choices and guiding him through the details and steps of various missions.

Watch Galaxy Pirate Adventure in Action

There are three basic kinds of missions. Players can choose smuggling, where they bring forbidden goods from one starport to another for a cash reward. Simple piracy is always an option, and the goal of these robberies is to steal the raw materials and rare equipment carried by Transport ships and Tankers. Third, players can hire themselves out as mercenaries, engaging in combat on behalf of others for monetary reward.

Galaxy Pirate Adventure Feature Highlights:

  • Immersive, 3D reality in interstellar space is the setting for multi-ship battles
  • Learn the many skills to become a successful pirate
  • 44 cinematic cutscenes enhance the drama of the narrative
  • Select crewmembers, missions, weapons, engines, targets, and more
  • 37 different ships, 200+ pieces of equipment, 200+ crew members, 10 solar systems
  • Advanced metallic shader that real-time renders a diffuse map, normal map, reflection map, gloss map, and specular map on iPad 2 & iPhone 4S

The 44 cinematic cutscenes between locations are highly realistic and add to the reality of gameplay. At some points during the game the player can perform a 360-degree pan of the surroundings, exploring above and below in a full circle. Players begin an exciting journey to fight against enemies, and along the way must assemble a fleet of ships, become a commodity trader, and finally discover the secret of the galaxy and their true identity.

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