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Gemster, Social Events Finder
Developer: Gemster Group Inc
Price: free Download on the App Store

Gemster Group is proud to introduce Gemster 1.0 for iOS. It's Friday night, you've had a busy week at work again and no time to plan the evening, let alone the week-end. Yet you want to go out... You call / email / text your friends but they don't have a clue either. You don't want to go to the same bar / club / lounge / pub / whatever you've been to last week. You live in a great city and you know there are a ton of good stuff happening all the time but you never seem to find out on time. Raise your hand if you've ever had that problem.

This is where Gemster can help. Gemster is the ultimate event app for finding out what is going on near you and what you could be doing.

Gemster was built around a simple fundamental premise: more and more local events today are promoted via Facebook. Chances are you won't find them on Ticketmaster, Eventful, and other large websites. Main reason: these events are cheap (often free) and the promoters can't afford to advertise them on the mega-websites. Yet they are every bit as fun as the next Lady Gaga concert you're planning to go to (or well, almost as fun Don't worry, Gemster also finds out all the larger events as well so it is your one-stop shop for all there is to do near you!

Gemster uses a P2P system to aggregate all public Facebook events that are part of its users' profiles. This means you have access to hundreds of events happening near you at any one time. And because these are only public events, you can rest assured that your next private birthday dinner won't be inundated by randos!

Gemster helps you uncover all those fun local events happening around you, all those gems you've been missing out on, by:
- Aggregating hundreds of events happening all around you
- Filtering events depending on your mood and how far you're willing to walk / drive / bike / horse ride
- Choosing those you find interesting and giving you tons of useful relevant info (location, gem ranking, girl/guy ratio, etc.)
Keep you updated on events you're potentially interested in through its "Watchlist"
- Getting you free stuff when you drop a gem on the event profile page
- You can find anything from clubbing to chilling in lounges to art festivals going on all around you.
- Gemster delivers a massive database of events in real-time to help you decide where you should be heading out

Never again tell yourself there is nothing to do tonight. Gemster helps you Know where to go.

With Gemster you can:
- discover the largest choice of local events
- see where your friends are invited and their RSVP status, the crowd attending, the gender ratio, and much more...
- drop gems on events you like and tell the world about it
- get social - post comments, pictures, share events with your Facebook friends
- follow your party friends, discover their events
- keep track of interesting events
- promote your events

Gemster 1.0 is free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Entertainment category.

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